Library Media Center

Bay View is fortunate to have a spacious library media center, staffed by a credentialed librarian and over 25,000 books. The library is a hub of Bay View, where students come to browse the collection, use the computers or sit and enjoy a good book.

Computer Lab
The Library Media Center has computers with educational software installed available for student use. There is also a computer lab that supports the scholastic Reading Inventory testing and the Scholastic Reading Counts program.

Search Engines and Encyclopedias
World Book Online: All students in Santa Cruz City Schools have a paid membership for school and home access to World Book Online! The password is available in the library.
Kids Click: This search engine, created by librarians, is one of the best for doing categorical searches.
Bartlett's familiar quotations: Are you looking for the sources of familiar quotations, phrases, or passages? Look here!
Fact Monster: From the Information Please site!

Curriculum Resources
Listed below are sites that relate to the curriculum in the classroom, and sites that are tools to help everyone find information! The sites are organized by grades and topics.

First Grade
Core Literature
Language Arts Units: Grades 1-3: This is a link to the SCORE Cyberguides for grades 1-3.
Insect Bookshelf: The following site was made by a Kindergarten and first grade classroom from Avocado Elementary. It is fun to read about insects and see their artwork. Their school always creates useful websites for students!
Insect Bookshelf II
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Timeline: This is a very simple site that was created by first graders, and it shows pictures and descriptions of Abraham Lincoln's life. We use it for a lesson in the library media center.

Second Grade
Core Literature
Language Arts Units: Grades 1-3-This is a link to the SCORE Cyberguides for grades 1-3. Check them out!

Fish Questions: Have you ever had a question about fish? This site probably has your answer!
Fish Pages
Living Species List: Part of the Monterey Aquarium site, this page tells us all about the different animals at the bottom of our Monterey Bay, the sides of the bay, and the surface of the water. We use this for a scavenger hunt in the library media center!
Yuckiest Place on the Internet

Third Grade

Core Literature

Language Arts Units: Grades 1-3-This is a link to the SCORE Cyberguides for grades 1-3. Check them out!
Farming and Agriculture
On the Farm Quiz: This activity, based in Illinois, tests your knowledge of plants and animals that are found on some farms.
Western diamondback rattlesnake: Don't get any closer than your computer to this rattler!
Desert tortoise: This will tell you about the range, habitat, and description of this tortoise.
Sea turtle: Not only does this site have good sea turtle information and pictures, but it has some sea turtle stories as well.
Santa Cruz, from the past to the present
Remarkable women of Santa Cruz county: The content of this site was created by third grade students with the help of April Porterfield in the library. They created it to teach other students about the important women of our local history. Check it out!
Santa Cruz
Natural Bridges Ohlone Project: This project was also created by Natural Bridges Elementary third graders in the library media center with April Porterfield. It is used by students all over California, and it is a proven great resource about the Ohlone Native Americans.
Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf: Although this is a commercial site, it does have valuable history about the Santa Cruz wharf.
Roaring Camp and Big Trees Railroad
Natural Bridges State Beach and Monarch Preserve

Fourth Grade
Core Literature
Language Arts Lessons-CyberGuides from the SCORE page for grades 4 and 5
Human Body
The following site has interactive maps of the human body:
Skeletal system
Digestive system
Muscular system
Circulatory system
The Gold Rush
The California gold rush: This was created by the Oakland Museum of California.
Historic photo of Sutter's Mill
Virtual tour of Sutter's Fort: This SCORE site has an excellent tour of the fort, and we use it with fourth graders in the library media center at Bay View.
Missions and Native Americans
Touring a California Mission: This ThinkQuest virtual field trip will walk you through the San Juan Capistrano mission. In the library, we use a "Mission Passport" to keep track of your travels.
California Native American Basketry
California Tribal Map

Fifth Grade
Core Literature
Language Arts Lessons-CyberGuides from the SCORE page for grades 4 and 5
Social Studies
American Memory Immigration: This links you to the American Memory collection of the Library of Congress. It is a great addition to an immigration unit.
They Came to America Project: excellent SCORE project.
Women Pioneers
Life on Plymouth Plantation: This is a great SCORE project to learn about colonial times.
Mayflower: This site has some interesting primary sources and valuable information about the Mayflower, its passengers, and the experience on board the ship. We use it as part of our Mayflower Project.
Native Americans: This gives information about tribes across North America.
Ben's Guide to Government
Lewis and Clark Project
Yahooligans list of Explorers
50 States and Capitals: This site has some good basic information about the states and capitals.
Quick Facts about the States

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