Bay View Mission:

Bay View School is a safe and welcoming community where everyone is respected, and learning is valued. Our school is a dynamic learning environment where everyone is engaged and inspired to do their personal best. Our rich academic curriculum includes the arts, field trips, library, Life Lab, nutrition, and music. Diversity is embraced; it enriches our learning community. Students, families, and staff work together as a team to ensure academic success and social responsibility for everyone.

 Temporary Bay View Telephone Number 

 We are currently experiencing challenges with our phone line.  If you would like to reach our office staff, please call
831-313-9140 (English)
831-205-1360 (Spanish)
831-313-9081 (attendance)

Numero del telefono temporal de Bay View

Actualmente estamos experimentando desafíos con nuestra línea telefónica. Si desea comunicarse con nuestro personal de la oficina,
llame al
831-313-9140 (inglés)
o al 831-205-1360 (español)
or 831-313-9081 (asistencia)

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