Puentes Bilingual Program

Puentes (Bridges) is a bilingual program that is open to students in kindergarten through third grade. All children in Puentes learn to read first in their home language, whether it is Spanish or English. About half the students learn to read in Spanish and the other half in English. Students in Puentes also receive regular instruction in their second language.This is an opportunity for children to be exposed to and learn in two different languages.

Our traditional (non-Puentes) classes are also integrated, but all children acquire literacy in English, regardless of home language. Spanish speaking parents, regardless of program, receive translated materials and support from our bilingual community coordinator and an excellent bilingual staff. Because all of our classes are integrated, no matter which option you choose, your child will have rich social and academic experiences and be able to make friends with a variety of children who right live here in our school neighborhood.

For more information on the Puentes program, please contact
Mike Perez, principal, at 429-3991.