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Bay View is more than just a school, it is a community of students, families, and teachers all working together to create a positive, rich educational environment. There are policies to keep school running smoothly and students are expected to practice our Bay View Expectations: Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Respectful.

Letter from Superintendent Munro regarding Carnival Incident

May 27, 2016
Dear Members of the Bay View Community:

I am writing to share my gratitude to both staff and parents for their swift response to a medical emergency toward the end of the carnival Friday evening.  Staff members communicated with the emergency team and helped maintain order around the area of the emergency.  At a staff meeting yesterday, Principal Mary Anne Robb and teachers reviewed the sequence of events and the different challenges that arose.  As they debriefed the incident, there were suggestions for how to amend the current safety plan for evening events. I appreciate the problem-solving approach of the staff.

Bay View staff and parents work collaboratively to create a climate and culture that focuses on meeting the needs of all students. Your families and students take great pride in putting together events that raise funds and strengthen connection to the school.       

We have no confirmation or information on the condition of the individual or the cause of her collapse. No official report has been released to the district. As I commend Bay View for their response, I want to recognize that this is a time to work closely with our city leaders to address issues within the community.  District leadership has regular meetings with city officials, the police department and city council.  We will bring concerns to these meetings and discuss next steps.  Please know that we will work together to address the issues that arose from this incident. 


Kris Munro, Superintendent

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